Hi, and welcome to Deano!


All of the products shown on this website have been designed and hand-made by me at my home workshop in Perth, Western Australia.

Deano Designs Perth was established and registered in 2013, and is owned/operated by myself.

Over the past six years my handmade product list has grown to become the extensive range of high quality cage goodies that you’ll see here today. The products I make are suitable for Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Rats.

Native animals such as Possums, Gliders, and Joeys (Kangaroos) have also enjoyed my products thru rehabilitation facilities and carers using them.


My products can be purchased here online thru the SHOP PAGE.

As most of my business is ‘made-to-order’ I do not operate a retail ‘shop’ as such from my home.

My most popular product is my Fleece Cage Liners – which I can custom make to fit your particular cage or hutch. Say goodbye to disposable bedding forever as all liners are machine washable and dryer safe!


Fleece bedding in your hutch or cage can save you both time, and money!

It’s cost effective, better for the environment and also much healthier for your pets overall well being. Not to mention with so many fun prints and colours, you can deck out your cage just how you want to!

There’s no limit to colour schemes, themes – it’s all up to you!


To find out just how fleece bedding can work for you – see the “About Fleece” page, there’s loads of information about how it works, how to clean etc


I specialize in creating custom sized liners to suit your particular cage, hutch or enclosure.
If you would like to have items made in CUSTOM SIZES, here’s where to start: CUSTOM ORDERS 

So, come on in and browse around the website, you may find something just right for your furry friend.

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Enjoy your visit – Robyn



For those of you in Perth WA, there is one retail outlet stocking my quality readymade products.

City Barn Malaga 1904 Beach Road in Malaga, carry a basic range of products including cuddle sacks, hammocks, fleece cage liners, hay holder bags, ferret tunnels, soaker pads, lap pads etc. They do not stock my whole range. They are open 7 days a week.

Please Note: Retailers are under no obligation to offer discounts, or price match with my website pricing or special offers. They can set their own retail pricing on my products.

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Email me:  [email protected]


What Customers say about Deano Designs Perth..

All products listed are my own designs and have been handmade by me at my home in Perth, Western Australia. I do not sell any products that have been manufactured or sourced from elsewhere. If you have a question for me regarding my range of products or how the site/order process works - please email me [email protected] - or use the 'Contact me' page for telephone details.