Fabric selections:


This page will be updated as fabrics either run out, or new ones become available.

If you place an order, and the fabric you chose is no longer available when I am ready to cut your order out – I will contact you for a second choice.

This is one of the main reasons I work in order, so that those who order a fabric first, have first option of getting the ones they want from the stock I have on hand.


Polar fleece is a winter fabric & availability is seasonal. Winter in Australia is generally May – September.

Therefore there is limited fleece choice in Australia during the summer months.

Most polar fleece is manufactured and shipped in from overseas and can take months to travel to Perth by sea. So, the suppliers plan for the next winter fleece selections around six months before they actually send them.


If I don’t have enough of your fabric choice left to complete your order, I will contact you for a second choice.

I try and avoid joining fabrics but sometimes I need to maximize economic use of fabric, joins will only be made if absolutely necessary.

WHAT IS MICRO FLEECE? Micro fleece is a polyester fleece with shorter pile, works the same, just thinner overall. (It is NOT minky fleece which is one sided, and has a pile that moves when brushed.)


BEST TIP: Load your items one at a time into the cart, even if you want TWO of the same product.

By doing this you can be sure you choose the right combinations of fabric for each individual one. It also makes it easier for me to see what you would like used, and how,  for each item.

For items with ONE fabric choice – choose only one.

For items with TWO fabric choices –  one is for the FRONT SIDE, and one is for the BACK

For items that you want made in the SAME FABRIC FRONT AND BACK – choose the same fabric twice.

NOTE: There is no extra charge for patterns or plains, all fabrics here are the same pricing.

Fleece Fabric Range

Choose these for Cage Liners, Hammocks, Tunnels, Cuddle Sacks etc
Yes – You CAN have two fabric choices, one for the top and one for the bottom.


Cotton Fabric Range

Choose these for Hay holder bags, Summer Hammocks, Summer Sacks etc
These fabrics are NOT suitable for Fleece Cage Liners.

Here are some common questions I get about fabrics:

Click the question to see the answer. If your question is not here please contact me.

Above in the main navigation bar (navy one) you’ll see a link ‘Fabric Choices’, click it to browse the current stock of fabric choices. Each fabric has a name underneath the image, either jot down the name or try to remember the name.

Once you’ve decided on the fabric choice and your product, you’ll find on the product page there are some drop down boxes which you can select the name of the fabric choice you want. Most products have 2 fabric choices, these can be the same or different.

Note: I am actively removing and adding fabrics I have in the workshop. If I have run out of the fabric you wanted, I will contact you for another choice, this happens sometimes, due to everyone looking and choosing from the same fabrics they see here.

You can select your fabric choices on the product page via a drop down box. The system will ask which fabrics you want for the front, back etc – just select the ones you want me to use.

Sorry, I am not a contract dressmaker. My products are made factoring in the fabric and my time. I do not sew with customer supplied fabrics..

Once I get down to under 1 Metre of a fabric, I take it off the FABRICS page. If you would like something to match an item you have bought before, email me and tell me which fabric you are looking for. I may have a small amount left over that I could use to make you the item you are after.

Product Care Instructions:

Hand-washing your fleece or cotton cage accessories will make them last longer – simply because of it’s a gentle process.

For items like Fleece Cage Liners – wash them by hand or machine wash with warm water and liquid detergent, add no fabric softener when rinsing. Hang over the line to dry outside. For more details see the ‘About fleece’ page.

Hammocks, Fleece Tunnels, Sleepy Sacks, Cuddle Sacks, Hanging Tubes, Summer Sacks and all other fabric accessories – a gentle hand-wash and rinse will do just fine. You will not need to remove clips if hand-washing, use the clips to attach to the clothesline.