Placing an order is easy, once you know how to go about it.

Here is a video that shows you how to order, or you can go straight down to the instructions below the video if that is easier.

Here is a quick video showing you How to Order:


To order products from Deano Designs Perth – always start on the shop page

Don’t forget to put in YOUR OWN DETAILS and use the PayPal checkout to finalise payment for your order.

You can use your own Paypal account, use Paypal as a guest, or use a credit card to pay.



HOW TO PLACE AN ONLINE ORDER: Ordering with our website is easy, once you know how.

ALWAYS start on the SHOP page – there you will find all the categories for the products I make.


1. SELECT CATEGORY: Select the category you want, click to go there – then choose the item, selecting the sizes and fabrics, and loading them into the shopping cart.

HINT: Always work on one item at a time – if you need to select fabrics, take your time. Even if you want to buy two of the same product, add them one at a time to the cart, and select the fabrics separately.

   For fabrics:

   Items that need a single choice of fabrics – CHOOSE ONE

   Items that need Two choices of fabrics – CHOOSE TWO (one for front, one for back) (One inside, one outside)

   Items that you want the same colour back and front, inside and out, – CHOOSE THAT COLOUR BOTH TIMES

Any DISCOUNTS applicable to the items you ordered will be sorted automatically by the checkout.


2. CHECKOUT: Once you have loaded all of your goodies into the cart, it’s time to head off to the checkout.

Our secure payment checkout is Paypal Express checkout. It’s a secure gateway between your bank and my bank. You can use your own Paypal account, use Paypal as a anonymous guest, or use a credit card.

None of your financial information is passed on to me, that’s held by the bank. I get confirmation of your payment by email message from Paypal.


If you have difficulty during the checkout, you can always email me  [email protected] for assistance.

Happy shopping!


IMPORTANT: When you place your first order with Deano Designs Perth, you’ll be asked to register yourself as a customer.

This information is privately used by us only as a backup record of your transactions. Your information is not passed on or sold to anyone.

This information is required so that the checkout can calculate your postage rate, based on your postcode.

It also makes it quicker for you to check out next time you order from us (no need for retyping information).

* * * Without a completed address including postcode, the postal rates will not calculate or show on the screen.





How do I know Deano got my order okay? – you’ll receive an email confirming your order lodgement with us.

How do I know it’s finished? – When your order is completed, I go into the website and change status of your order from “PROCESSING” to COMPLETED, the website will email you a status update to show its completed.

Parcel tracking – You’ll receive an email from me with your tracking number for the parcel once it is mailed from this end.



PERTH CUSTOMERS: If you’re in Perth WA and would like to COLLECT your order from me instead of paying postage, yes, this can be done.

I am located 12km north of the Perth CBD in Ballajura.

During checkout, once you have registered yourself as a customer, and have put your address in – you will then be given the option to select PERTH PICKUP instead of paying for Postage.

Perth local postage 6000-6210 is $ 8.30 under 500g, over 500g is $11.00 up to 20kg