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NEW: OCTOBER 2019The C&C 2 grid fringe

Another original Deano Design!

This fringe is made so you can place it wherever you need to in a C&C type cage.

It is 72cm wide, the size of a 2 grid C&C – so hang it across the cage to break up the view or provide some privacy at one end. Use it under the loft to create another private area for pets to relax on their own. Hang it across the corner.

Made from fleece, with two simple clips (included), one for each end.

Attach where you like, it’s 34cm tall, so almost the height of a standard 35cm grid.

Choose TWO fleece colours – No 1 for the header part, and No 2 for the fringe itself.

* ** Note: if there is demand for other sizes ie 3 grid etc, I will add them to the range.

Additional information

Weight .120 kg

2-grid size


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