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Each C&C Cube Curtain is made uniquely to your order.

Therefore to order a C&C Cube Curtain for your pet’s home, please select from the options below.

Select your choice in Size, Finge Cut and 2 Fleece Fabrics.

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C&C Cube Curtain designed for C&C Cages.

The fleece curtain has a centre square, and four curtains which hang down over a single C&C grid. The curtain can be made with solid sides, or you can have them cut into a fringe instead.

There are C&C Cube Curtains for single, double, and triple grid sizes. The standard double and triple curtains have a solid back and sides, with a fringe on the front. I can cut fringe into as many sides as you’d like, or you can cut the fringe yourself.

Side length is 320mm, so it is up off the floor and stays clean whilst providing a great hidey space

To Fit the Cube Curtain:
You’ll need either a single grid for the cube curtain, or two grids for the bigger one. Use the clips, or cable tie the grids into place on top of the cage, and join them to the corner of the cage. The CUBE CURTAIN will drape over the top and sides will hang down

FABRICS: Fleece #1 is for the top part, Fleece #2 is for the fringe area.

Single Curtain - Size: 36.5cm/1 Grid

Fits over a single C&C grid (350mm).

Double Curtain - Size: 73cm/2 Grids

Fits over two C&C grids (730mm).

Triple Curtain - Size: 112cmx36cm/3 Grids

Fits over 3 C&C grids (3x35cm).

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  1. Sharon

    These work so well with C&C cages! My personal favourite is the double curtain! We fold one side up enabling the boys to still have curtains on the two long sides and the far short side.. That way we can still see inside and get to watch them sleep! I highly recommend these for anyone with a C&C cage! Certainly a favourite for my boys.

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