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Each Corner Cave is made uniquely to your order.

Therefore to order a Corner Cave for your pet’s home, please select from the options below.

Select your choice in Size and 2 Fleece Fabrics.

If you would like to see images of the range of Fabrics, please use the Fleece Choices link above in the main menu.

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Size: 30cm, 40cm or 60cm (The 60cm ones are awesome in C&C cages)

Mounting hooks are Included.

Made as a Fleece Corner hammock with a Fleece Fringe on the front side making it an ideal place for Guinea Pigs and also Rabbits to hide away.

As Guinea Pigs and Rabbits are prey animals it makes them feel safe having places to hide.

Having the Fleece Fringe cut at the front allows them to see out while they are hiding in the corner..

  • * *Great for the warmer weather – plastic igloos and houses can get hot and stinky during the hot weather – these allow a hidey place, but with plenty of ventilation at the same time.


NOTE: These are usually made with a fleece top, and a fleece fringe. If you would like me to use one of the COTTON FABRIC selections for the top of your corner cave, just email me with your instructions after you place your order, or put it into the “buyers instructions” inside the checkout.

CHOOSE Fleece #1 for the body(top), Fleece #2 for the fringe.

If you want both the same, choose the same one twice.


When I make these, the fringe has a good side and a back side – I will always make them with the good side facing the front – so if you hang them with the fringe attachment seam facing down, you’ll get a neater look. 🙂

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30cm, 40cm, 60cm

2 reviews for Corner Cave

  1. Sharon

    I ordered one of these when we first got guinea pigs, we had the spotty fabric with green as the fringe colour. Our pigs Superman and Batman loved it. I just recently found it, and it’s in perfect shape, I’m putting it through the wash right now so Mr Flash can use it. Thank you Robyn for making quality items! I didn’t expect to find it again after all this time and still be able to use it!

  2. Audrey (verified owner)

    Our piggies love them in the summer and love to “hide” behind the fringes, they have one each!

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