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Cuddle Sack XL (for bigger animals)




The XL cuddle sack is 40cm, so it is the size needed for bigger bunny breeds, perhaps two or more guinea pigs, small dogs, and perhaps cats if they like bags that are not closed in.

Made in TWO layers of fleece, the front has a boned opening, so it will stay open, allowing easy access and plenty of airflow. These are all made to order.

These can also be made with cotton on the outside if preferred, better for summertime.


There are two options for this XL cuddle sack from June 2017:

STANDARD: Made with two layers of fleece, boned rim  $ 26.95

SUMMER: Made with cotton on the outside, fleece inside $26.95, to order go to Summer Cuddle sacks

WINTER: Made with two layers of fleece, with polyester wadding in between for warmth, boned rim $ 31.95

Please note – there is no absorbent layer in either of these, they will not absorb liquid accidents.

WASHING: Both are machine washable, drip dry.

COLOURS: Choose TWO colours: FLEECE fabric #1 for outside, FLEECE fabric #2 for inside




Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg

Standard (two layers fleece only), WINTER (quilted wadding) + two fleece layers


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