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Each Cuddle Sack is made uniquely to your order.

Therefore to order a Cuddle Sack for your pet’s home, please select from the options below.

Select your choice in Fleece Fabric for the outside and inside (These can be the different or the same).

If you would like to see images of the range of Fabrics, please use the Fleece Choices link above in the main menu.

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Deano Designs Perth Cuddle Sacks are the perfect creature

comfort for your pet.


Cuddle Sacks are custom made with the fabric choices you make. There are loads of bright colours and fun prints to choose from. The opening of the Cuddle Sack has a boned rim to stay open – with a handy hook and loop – so you can hang it low in the cage for your pets to use as a hidey house.


Cuddle Sacks are useful for keeping your pet secure for cuddles without possible scratching or getting yourself covered in fur.




They’re available in two sizes: Regular 30x30cm, or XL  40x40cm – both have boned rim, and carabiner hook.

In a Regular sized Cuddle Sack you can fit a single Guinea Pig who likes extra space to his or herself or two full grown Guinea Pigs who love to share – I’ve had numerous customers telling me how they often see two bottoms sticking out of the Cuddle Sack.

A dwarf/young Rabbit or Ferret would also fit comfortably in a Regular sized Cuddle Sack.

If you need more space, I recommend an XL sized Cuddle Sack, which fits a big Bunny, a group of Guinea Pigs, or a family of Ferrets. (These are now on their own page)

They are also suitable for rescued wildlife such as possums, gliders, young joeys and baby birds. Cuddle Sacks provide warmth and security during rehabilitation or everyday comfort.

Don’t want to wait for a Cuddle Sack to be made?

Buy a Readymade one now! There is an extensive collection to choose from, ready to be posted today!

Cuddle Sacks are mostly used for the colder months but they can be used all year round.

However if you would like something cooler for your pets in the hot season check out the Summer Sacks options, which are made with a combination of cotton and fleece.

All Cuddle Sacks are machine washable and dryer safe. Please remove the clip before washing.

NOTE: Cuddle sacks can be made with COTTON FABRICS on the outside if you prefer. Order these thru their page, go to Summer Cuddle sacks


Pricing: Cuddle sacks are NETT, no multi buy discounts apply. From March 1 2018, regular ones are $ 19.95




My Sister regularly takes her two pet rabbits to visit the elderly residents in a local dementia facility here in Perth. Here are some wonderful photographs of the residents safely holding the Bunnies without and risk of scratches to any sensitive skin.





Additional information

Weight N/A
Fleece Fabric Outside

Basketball, Black, Bright Pink, Camel, Chocolate, Cookies, Forest, Frog pond, Garden blue, Hippy, Lime, Mermaids, Mid Blue, Morocco, Navy, Orange, Owls aqua, Owls black, Pale blue, Pandas, Purple, Random, Random boy, Random girl, Red, Winter, Yellow

Fleece Fabric Inside

Basketball, Black, Bright Pink, Camel, Chocolate, Cookies, Forest, Garden blue, Hippy, Lime, Mid Blue, Morocco, Navy, Orange, Owls aqua, Owls black, Pale blue, Pandas, Purple, Random, Random boy, Random girl, Red, Winter, Yellow

3 reviews for Cuddle Sack

  1. Julie

    The two cuddle sacks I bought are perfect for my little 5-year-old guinea pig, Gertie, who has been having a difficult time lately, with an infected eye that –despite all attempts to save – had to be removed a month ago.

    She just loves her new cuddle sacks and I’d been looking for such products for years, go complement the fleece blankets I made for her myself.

    Previous to finding your site, I had only found some on ‘Amazon’, but they won’t ship such products to Australia. When Gertie goes inside a cuddle sack, it’s difficult to get her out, she loves them so much.

    I will be ordering more products from your site soon.
    For summer, I’m particularly interested in the summer sacks.
    Thank you very much and I wish you every success with your business.

  2. Rachel

    I received a cuddle sack as a free gift with a purchase of fleeces, and my guinea pig Daisy absolutely loves it. She spends most of her time in it and it has come in so handy during the winter time, especially since she is quite elderly. I would definitely recommend this product, it is the perfect place for a guinea pig to sleep and extremely well made!

  3. Amanda T

    I have bought cuddle sacks, cage liners and a tunnel. They are great. I have ordered extra. Love love love the cuddle sacks.
    If you have guinea pigs these are the one thing I would buy as an essential.

    Our piggies know the drill, when we move them from indoor to outdoor cages, they know the cuddle sack means a trip back and a reward or fresh food treats. When the kids want to move them it is a safe transport method… and our females picked cuddle sacks clipped to the cages as their number 1 option to have their babies.

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