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Doll bed: Absorbent fleece liner


Each “DUKTIG” DOLL BED ABSORBENT LINER is made especially for you –

choose your fabrics from the available list, and I’ll create something unique for your cage 🙂

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Made specially to fit the IKEA doll beds. Model: DUKTIG

This liner is the same idea as the FLEECE CAGE LINER I make all the time, however, this one has TWO layers of absorbent cotton material inside, stitched securely between two layers of fleece.

Ideal for animals that pee in their beds, incontinent animals, convalescing animals etc – washable over and over.

Choose TWO FLEECE COLOURS for these liners – they will be for back and front.

If you would like to order other items for the IKEA DOLL BED see the section on the website for mattress, fleece rug, pillows.

NOTE: The IKEA Doll beds are available at IKEA stores for $24.99

This is the absorbent liner, finished and on the bed.

This liner has two layers of absorbent cotton core, fleece top and bottom, all stitched securely together.


We found that it is also the perfect size to use as a mat on the floor beside the bed.

Psst, this one also makes a great pet carrier liner too – for those little vet trips.


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Weight .290 kg


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