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Doll bed: Mattress or pillow


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The IKEA doll bed (DUKTIG) is proving to be popular with pet owners as a bed used for rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and small dogs. (Doll beds available thru IKEA for $24.99)

The bed comes with some bedding: a pillow mat, bed mat and a throwover that looks a little like a tea towel. They are all the same, and well, pretty plain to say the least.

Deano Designs Perth is gonna change that!

We’ll be making products that are made specially to fit the doll beds – comfort and style – at last!!

  1.  Mattress – 22mm foam inside a cotton cover – the mattress fits snugly into the bed frame.
  2.  Pillow – a polyester wadding pillow in cotton cover 30cmx20cm
  3.  Absorbent liner – same as our fleece cage liner but with two layers of absorbent wadding between two layers of  fleece. Ideal for pets that wee their beds, incontinent, convalescing animals etc, fully washable over and over.
  4.  Doona – cotton cover with polyester wadding quilted inside 50x60cm, perfect over the bed
  5.  Fleece rug – twin layers of fleece sewn together, no filling, 50x60cm

Place your order for the mattress or pillow from this page – order your doll bed absorbent liner, doona or fleece rug from relevant areas of the website.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Foam mattress 2cm in cotton cover, Pillow 30cmx20cm in cotton cover

Cotton Fabric Outside

Ants, Blackboard, Blossoms, Cactus, Camo green, Daisy blue, Dots blue, Dots purple, Dots red, Dots teal, Jungle blue, Kombi, Palms, Random Boy, Random GIRL, Santa, Seashells, Spiders


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