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Fleece Liner SETS: for hutches & specialty cages


Each Fleece Liner Set is made uniquely to your order.

To order a Fleece Liner Set for your pet’s home, please select from the options below.

Select your choice in Hutch Type, Ramp Access and 2 Fleece Fabric choices (These can be the different or the same).

As you can see, there are many sizes listed here, these are either “Common” or most requested Hutch Types.

If you cannot find your size, please contact me! I specialise in making custom sizes!


Add your cage liner sets to the shopping cart one at a time – even if you want to buy more than one.

Take your time and select the fabrics for the liners, one for front and one for back.

If you want the same colour for both sides, simply select the same fabric colour twice.

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In this section, you’ll find fleece cage liner sets that go into specialty cages and hutches.

To find your particular hutch or cage, select from the options with the drop down boxes.

Many of these cages are made overseas,and some not often found here in Australia pet stores due to shipping costs to get them here.

The most popular ones include:

Ferret Kingdom, Ferret Nation, Critter Nation etc.

MIDWEST crates have their own page: Crate liners



If you don’t find your particular cage or hutch here, please email me for a FREE QUOTE to have some liners made to fit it.

Deano Designs Perth Fleece Cage Liners are a must have for every small pet home! Say goodbye to disposable bedding forever!

Using Fleece Liners are cost effective, better for the environment and also much healthier for your pets overall well being. Not to mention with so many fun prints and colours, Fleece Liners are very decorative!

Each custom made liner is made with quality polar fleece on the outside which wicks away the moisture from your pets. The liners contain a non-toxic, highly absorbent core on the inside which absorbs and holds the liquids and keeps your pets comfortable and dry.

All Deano Designs Perth fleece cage liners are machine washable – over, over, and over.

So which liner will fit my cage?

Firstly you need to find out what size your cage is, before you can decide which liners will fit best. You can choose liners from my standard range that are close to what you need, or you can have something custom made to fit your special cage.

MEASURING: it’s important that you measure the spaces inside the cage, these are the INTERNAL measurements. The liners are to go inside the cage, so the outside or overall measurements are not really relevant for this.

Using a tape measure you need to find out the size of the floor you want to cover. Allow an extra 2-3cm or so – this is so the liners can curl up the side walls a little (this helps the poops roll back down and not get caught on the ledge)

RAMPS AND DOORWAYS: The location and sizes of ramp gaps is important. A simple diagram like this one will help be to ascertain where you need a gap cut into the liner so your pets can access it safely. It’s a good idea to have all the sizing marked on it. This helps me to quote, and also, I have to make a cutting pattern for your liner.





















new fleeceSetting Up your Fleece Liner

So you have your new fleece bedding, now what?

To allow Fleece Liners to do the job we intend it to do and draw the liquids through it into the absorbent core in the middle - called wicking - the Fleece Liners MUST BE washed and dried AT LEAST twice before using in your pet's home. This is due to all new Fleece Fabric having a type of waterproof coating - this is why your fleece jumpers keep you dry.

Please DO NOT USE Fabric Softener, as it will put the waterproof barrier back on the fabric.

Washing your Fleece Liner

WASH: Machine or hand wash your Fleece Liner in cold or warm water with a natural liquid detergent, do not use Fabric Softener.

DRYING: I highly recommend drying your Fleece Liner outside in the sun by folding them them over your clothes line and depending on your weather they will dry quite quickly. The sun is a natural bleaching solution which will keep your Fleece Liners fresh and healthy.

As with any washing the more water you can squeeze out after washing, the sooner your Fleece Liners will be dry. Line drying is kind to the environment, and saves on energy costs to you.

TUMBLE DRYING: Fleece Liners may be tumble dried on a low/medium heat. It should be noted that Fleece is a synthetic fabric and repeated tumble drying on high temperatures may reduce the lifespan of your Fleece Liners.

Cleaning your pet's Soiled Fleece Liners

When using Fleece Liners all you are required to do for a full cage clean is roll up the soiled Fleece Liner, place in a basket, carry outside and shake the liner out. It is important to sweep, vacuum or shake off as much hair, hay and poops as possible before washing it.

Next take your Fleece Liner to wash in the washing machine or hand wash in your laundry tub and after you can place it on your clothes line to dry or put in the dryer. Remembering that the more water you get out by spin cycle in the washing machine or squeezing, the sooner your Fleece Liner will be dry.

When washing, use a natural liquid detergent to wash your Fleece Liner and add a cup of vinegar to the wash for an extra boost in cleaning and removing any possible odours. I highly recommend putting your washing machine through a extra rinse cycle after it's finished cleaning your Fleece Liner - as it will remove any loose pet hair from your machine - stopping hair from getting on any clothes in the next load of washing.

Additional information

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MasterPet DA982 – Single Level Wooden Hutch, MasterPet DA995 – Double Storey Wooden Hutch, Critter Nation – Double Level, Critter Nation – Single Level, Critter nation – Floor liner 83cmx54cm, Critter Nation – Shelf liner 54cm x 39cm, Ferret Nation – Double Level, Ferret Kingdom – Double Level, Ferret Kingdom – Floor liner 90x60cm, Ferret Kingdom Shelf liner single 58cmx43cm, Bono Fido Multi Level Ferret/Rat cage-floor, Bono Fido Multi Level Ferret/Rat cage -shelf, ALLPET 310.035 Double Storey Wooden Hutch, ALLPET Small Corner Cage, ALLPET Large Corner cage, Rat Cage (Bono 72010), Rat cage (Pet one 505), Bono Fido 45708 2 level cage


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