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Deano Cave – READYMADE


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There will be more READYMADE caves available after we return from Christmas break.




These are a brand new design by Deano, you’ll see them here first!

The Deano Cave – READYMADE (premade)


These are my own design and I think they’ll be a hit with guinea pigs and bunnies – come to think of it, I reckon ferrets and rats might enjoy them too.

Warm and cosy, easy to wash too .


What makes it different?

The Deano Cave is a round shaped bed, with a 20mm foam top for snuggly warmth, and a base with an absorbent layer sewn in. This means the bed is easy to use, and easy to clean.

Throw the whole thing into the washing machine – it will not lose it’s shape, and it will not take forever to dry after washing. Just peg it onto the clothesline undercover.


** However, if you really like potty pads inside snuggly beds, this bed will accommodate our round potty pads. Round Potty Pad



There will be two sizes, a regular and a large.

LARGE will handle 2-4 guinea pigs at once, the regular one perhaps two good sized podgy piggies.

SIZING:   LARGE – 27cm tall, 47cm across back, 45cm base Weight  350g –  MEDIUM – 22cm tall, 39cm across back, 35cm base – weight 250g

The READYMADE ones below are all REGULAR SIZE – they do not include a separate potty pad. These readymades ones are available for immediate shipping. Choose by selecting the relevant code number from the drop down menu.


Additional information

Weight .250 kg
Furkid Cave R'made REG

FKC1, FKC3, FKC5, FKC6, FKC8, FKC9, FKC17, FKC18


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