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Furkid Pouch


Each FURKID POUCH is made especially for you – choose your fabrics from the available list, and I’ll create something unique for your cage 🙂

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Furkid Pouch

The Furkid Pouch is designed to hang in the pet cage, be easy to access, machine or hand washable, and comes complete with hooks.

LARGE size can accommodate 3-4 large rats, or two ferrets comfortably.

SIZE: LARGE – 30cm across the top, 27cm tall, hole opening of 14cm, and a 20cm circular base with an absorbent cotton layer sewn in. Twin layers of fleece for warmth. Three hanging hooks.


The NEW MEDIUM sized one is ideal for rats, and smaller birds might like it too during the cooler months.

SIZE MEDIUM – Has a 15cm base as above, twin layer of fleece, two mounting clips.

CHOOSE FABRICS: Select two fleece colours:

FLEECE #1 for outside, FLEECE #2 for the inside.

Pic left – size comparison between the large and medium sized pouches.


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