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Each Lap Pad is made uniquely to your order.

Therefore to order a Lap Pad for your pet, please select from the options below.

Select your choice in Lap Pad and 2 Fleece Fabric choices (These can be the different or the same).

If you would like to see images of the range of Fabrics, please use the Fleece Choices link above in the main menu.

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Two sizes available:

Regular size: 60cm x 30cm (non waterproof)

WATERPROOF available in 60x30cm or 70cmx70cm
Waterproof type can only be line dried due to waterproof material inside. It will melt in a dryer.

Ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs during cuddle time on the couch – protect your clothing from those little accidents, loads of fur and possible scratching.

Fleece on the outside with absorbent cotton wadding inside, fully washable. Wadding is secured so will not bunch up in the wash.

Wash and dry it twice when you purchase it, use no softener – this will help remove the water repellent barrier in the fleece.

The 700mm Waterproof lap Pad has other uses as well:
As well as a great sized mat to protect your clothing/upholstery at cuddle time on the couch, you can use the big pad on your bed, or on the floor.

Use as a grooming mat, a mat for in the car or travel crate.

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  1. Samantha

    Hi, I got a lap pad for my birthday fro my gran. My piggy Jangles just loves to snuggle with me on the lounge after school. The lap pad soaks up a lot of wee. Thanks, I love it.

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