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ROUND FLEECE BED with potty pad

This 30cm round bed is made from fleece, with a firm 15mm thick foam rim that’s 6cm tall.
The base has an absorbent layer between fleece sewn in so it will absorb accidents..


BONUS: There’s a BONUS FREE removable absorbent potty pad that you can remove and wash!

These beds are fully washable, and all are sold with the bonus removable potty pad that fits snuggly inside.

The potty pad has two fleece sides – so you can create two different looks in the one bed!

The LARGE 30CM size would fit two adult guinea pigs easily, rabbits may like these beds also. Great for those animals that like to spread out flat, and perhaps hang their feet or bottom over the sides. Walls are 6cm tall so it’s easy access for older animals.


Choose ONE fleece for the bed itself (body) – and TWO fleece colours for the absorbent potty pad

You will get options: Fleece #1 (bed), Fleece #2 potty pad top, Fleece Fabric – potty pad other side.


Extra potty pads are available separately here: Round Potty Pad

WASHING HINTS: I would recommend a light handwashing with detergent, squeeze out and line dry. Use no fabric softener for either the bed or the potty pad, this will prevent wicking of liquids.

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Weight .290 kg

LARGE 30cm wide


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