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The Squishy Bed…

 The Squishy bed is designed to be roomy, warm, and easy to clean.

The bed is big enough for 2-3 guinea pigs, a good sized bunny, or a bundle of ferrets.

The walls are soft wadding, the 35cm base has an absorbent layer sewn in, and includes a FREE washable potty pad..


This bed can be used with our 30cm potty pads, or without – the idea of this bed it to make it easy to wash – just bung the whole thing into the machine! Line dry in the shade.

It’s a squishy luxury that all furkids will enjoy.

* You can extra washable potty pads on the website for $10ea: Round Potty Pad

** Choose your two fleece colours for the bed, and I’ll make the potty pad to match in those same fabrics.



My piggie Maxine just loves her Squishy Bed!

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Weight .295 kg


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