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SUMMER Pocket beds for ferrets and rats

I make three sizes in pocket beds.

During the warmer months fleece tends to be hot, so many pet owners opt for a cooler option – cotton!

CHOOSE your fabrics from our range on the FABRIC SELECTIONS page. Handwashing is recommended.

For FLEECE beds, see POCKET BEDS page.

Same designs as our ferret pocket bed.
These ones will fit smaller size rats and mice.
If you have mature rats of good size, they would be better with a ferret sized pocket bed. Made from cotton, hanging clips included. $16.95

Single layer of cotton, size 32cm x 40cm with an opening on the top. Hang across the cage or vertically on the side. Fits a couple of ferrets, or larger rats. Four clips included.  $19.95

A new top opening hammock that’s perfect for rats or young ferrets. A simple design, four clips included.
21cm wide and 28cm long, so perfect for smaller cages. Hang on the side of the cage, or hang under wire shelves just as an extra snooze spot! Single layer COTTON. $12.95

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Rat Resta COTTON, Rat Pocket bed COTTON, Ferret Pocket Bed COTTON

Cotton Fabric

Ants, Blackboard, Blossoms, Cactus, Camo green, Daisy blue, Dots blue, Dots purple, Dots red, Dots teal, Jungle blue, Kombi, Palms, Random Boy, Random GIRL, Santa, Seashells, Spiders


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