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New range of tunnels available June 2018

Size:  28cm long, 16cm opening.

Made with fleece inside, polyester wadding, and cotton outside.

Available BONED (stitched in polyester boning to stay open) or SOFT (no boning, so floppy opening)


Pricing:  Boned tunnel $ 27.50  –  Unboned (soft)  $26.50




Additional information

Weight N/A

BONED (open), UNBONED (soft)

Fleece Fabric Inside

Cupcakes, Daisy Sky, Petals, Pets White, Pirates, Princesses, Rainbows, Random boy, Random girl, RAWR Dinosaurs, Rockets, Skulls navy, Stars Navy, Xmas green, Random, Navy, Red, Mid Blue, Bright Pink, Camel, Purple, Black, Orange, Chocolate, Forest, Lime, Yellow

Cotton Fabric Outside

Aquarium, Cactus pink, Cats B&W, Daisy blue, Daisy fawn, Games (Flannelette), Here kitty, Jawesome (Flannelette), Kitty parade, Kombi, Minions, Owls pink (flannelette), Penguins, Random GIRL, Retro garden, Santa, Spiders, Stripe Multi, Xmas, Random Boy, Christmas, Monkey Green (Flannelette), Monkey Love (Flannelette), Auto Patch


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